In recent years, Traditum has successfully integrated senior traders from banks and hedge funds. Successful traders have joined Traditum with viable and detailed business plans. The best business plans transparently address issues such as risk management and trading strategy as well as a detailed budget of technology, operational, and capital needs.

Traditum always welcomes queries from traders with track records seeking to integrate their businesses into a stable firm with reliable, talented support and a great culture. Traditum employs a talented, sophisticated staff, which includes a young, adept technical and automation team able to supply veteran traders with the most flexible and effective execution and access to markets.

Traditum also has a long history of developing young talent and those new to the trading industry. College and business school graduates with degrees in finance, computer science, and engineering have seen the most success. Emphasis is placed on academic achievements, leadership roles, athletic and musical backgrounds. Ideal candidates have had success and failure at the highest level and are able to overcome adversity.

The firm maintains an attractive compensation structure that motivates its employees to produce the best results in an environment of cooperation and trust.