Traditum is a fun, satisfying place to work. The firm emphasizes teamwork among traders and lateral cooperation with technical and business management support. Traditum is a meritocracy with a horizontal culture and an affirmative, healthy work environment. Two books that resonate with the firm are 'From Good to Great' and 'Talent is Overrated'.

Traditum employs a diverse group of people whose interests extend outside the firm to sports, music, the arts, and other areas. Employees compete together in golf, tennis, racquetball, and even karaoke. They attend each other’s weddings and baby showers, and they often go out together after work.

Coupled with superior talent and technology, Traditum’s culture leads to success in business. Success for the firm ultimately translates into success for our employees in their private lives. Traditum strives to maintain a culture that supports everyone’s lives outside of work, which truly represents the motivation that drives us all to succeed.