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We are Teachers and Students of Trading

We are dedicated to a consistently high level of profitability via an environment of instruction, learning, and cooperation.

We are a Team

We strive to create a culture of openness, collegiality, and teamwork.

We are Professional

In our words and actions, we treat others with respect and dignity. Demonstrating integrity, modesty, and fairness in every relationship is critical to our long-term success and our identity.

We are Entrepreneurial

Through commitments to new markets and ideas, we understand that initiative, rigorous debate, and devotion to the best plan will yield superior results. We also understand that allowing individuals to be creative and resourceful underpins and feeds that spirit.

We are a Meritocracy

While promoting the health and well-being of the firm is paramount, at the same time, individual performance and excellence proportionally drive compensation.

We Respect the Markets

Outstanding results are made possible by taking and managing risk with discipline. We implement the most sophisticated and highest quality risk management tools but realize that success only comes through the human qualities of intelligence, humility, accountability, honesty, and communication.

We are Effective

Our business remains highly efficient by providing the best technology, lowest fees, and best resources available to enable success.

We are Market Makers

By providing liquidity and promoting market efficiency across a multitude of asset classes, we are committed to making markets at the world’s leading exchanges, as well as in all cash, physical, and OTC markets.

We are Committed

Trading is highly competitive and sophisticated. By combining decades of experience with only the best and brightest recruits, we endeavor to remain at the forefront of technology and innovation.

We Aspire to Excellence

Our goal is to be considered one of the world’s premier proprietary trading firms. We believe that success over the long term helps build bridges to dreams outside of work for our employees and their loved ones.

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